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Green Infrastructure Fund

The Guidance on this page is for the Green Infrastructure Fund. Please note that the Green Infrastructure Fund is currently closed to new applicants.

Green Infrastructure Fund

Please note that you will need to request a personalised application form from the Green Infrastructure Team, even if you received a form during a previous funding round. To request an Application Form please email us

We will issue a form to you as soon as possible.

The documents listed below form the Application Handbook and, once you have your personalised Application Form, will help you complete your application to the Green Infrastructure Fund. Until then we advise you to become familiar with the guidance

ESIF National Rules

To view the National Rules please follow this link to the Scottish Government website.  As these are frequently updated we would encourage you to check the website on a regular basis.

Project logic

A rationale needs to underpin your application and a logic needs to flow through it.  You might find it useful to consider this simple framework when putting your application together.


Application Handbook



1          Blueprint for Green Infrastructure

2          Overview and summary

3          Policy background

4          Customer care statement

5          Glossary

6          Frequently Asked Questions


7          Application form (non-writeable)

8          Application form guidance

9          Assessment and selection procedure

10        Eligibility guidance

11        Eligibility and assessment scoring forms

12        Horizontal themes

13        Communications toolkit

14        Community engagement guidance

15        Monitoring and evaluation guidance

16        Risk management guidance

17        Audit and compliance guidance

18        Draft Heads of Terms for Delivery Agreements

19        Data and information management statement

20        Conflict and declaration of interests

21        Mapping Requirements and GIS Template


22        Claim form and overview

23        Claims supporting evidence - checklist

24        Change guidance and process

25        Recommended file plan structure

26        Procurement aide memoire