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Cancellation of GICEF Open Events and postponement of Round 2 launch


Thank you for your interest in the Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund (GICEF). We have taken the decision to postpone the launch of our second funding round of the GICEF and the accompanying open events planned for 3 and 7 August.

Our on-going discussions with the successful applicants from Round 1 have raised a number of key issues. We believe it would be best to resolve these before reopening the Fund and to ensure that these do not pose barriers for future projects. We have also been discussing with Scottish Government the possibility of extending the timescales for the Fund and amending some of the eligibility criteria, as these would be beneficial to a wider range of future applicants and we would like those discussions to reach a conclusion before re-launching. This would hopefully mean that we can maximise the benefits of the Fund across more projects and over a longer delivery phase.

We will keep you informed as to when the Fund is to re-open and in the meantime would be happy to continue to discuss with you any potential project ideas.