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Construction starts at Middlefield

Councillor Yvonne Allan, Gavin Clark and Middlefield Steering Group members at the start of construction.

Signing the grant contract and start of construction at Middlefield was celebrated on 3 October by Councillor Yvonne Allan, SNH’s Gavin Clark and community representatives from the Middlefield Steering Group.

Councillor Allan said, “It’s fantastic that work has started on the Middlefield Project as it will make a big different in the lives of people who live in the area to have an attractive park on their doorstep.

 “The community will also be involved in helping to design the new planting areas of the park which will complement some of existing natural features in the area.

“I look forward to watching the work progressing in the coming months and we are pleased to be working with our partners.”

It was Gavin’s first visit to the park since organising a workshop on green infrastructure projects in Aberdeen in Summer 2016. He was greatly encouraged by how strong the local enthusiasm was for developing the park.

After the site compound is in place, the first task is starting the western cycle track (pictured). The contractor will be laying a temporary track through the length of the park to reduce soil erosion. Then work will start on the weir embankments at the eastern end, working back from the lowest level in an upstream direction.

During the local community consultation one of the problems highlighted was how wet the ground is underfoot. The contractor predicts that will improve shortly after the Scatterburn culvert is opened. This will be the first time the burn has been in daylight in over 70 years.